February 28th, 2007

The Distant Future

(awards continued)

Bouncing off silentclarity, I've got this idea for an awards system that has been bouncing around in my head. Now, this isn't in any sense a fully-fleshed out concept, just a vague idea that I have been thinking about...
What if instead of an award system, a game used multiple award systems, in order to ensure that each player benefits from playing the way that he or she likes to play.

In other words, players could receive awards for achievements in different criteria...
If you like to wargame, there are awards for that. If you are the thespian, you get awards for your fancy acting. If you are the puzzle-solving/mystery/deep immersion guy, there's awards for that too.

One way this could be set up is with a system of achievements - So like, here is a list of possible achievements:

-Defeat 10 HD of creatures in combat.
-Defeat 20 HD of creatures in combat.
-Find the magical moon pearl.
-Convince the King to grant you knightship.
-Save the Princess from the Dragon.
-Solve the puzzle of Hargoth's tomb.
-Create a magical item.

linked to each of these Achievements would be a type of award. These awards could be used by the player to enhance their character's abilities and so forth.

What do you guys think?

EDIT: I'm NOT talking about just giving bonus XP for those above listed achievements. Each achievement is linked with a different *TYPE* of award. Like, Mystery/puzzle-solving kind of achievements have awards that go along with Mystery/puzzle-solving type of things. Role-playing type of achievements have awards to go along with those.
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Adapting 1e modules


I love old first edition modules, and recently I've had a chance to score a batch of them from a nearby used bookstore. They're a lot of fun - but they're very much old school D&D, which was very much a game about combat.

The distribution of monsters isn't neccessarily logical, and while non-combat challenges are implied, they aren't specifically set up to have skill challenges as we know and love them. I also really prefer the more holistic way "monsters" can take on character classes in 3.5, which I think creates more diverse combat challenges. All of these are things I'd like to tweak. (The alternative is running 1e, but I really like the idea of working in more skill based stuff.)

I was wondering, if anyone here has attempted to adapt 1e adventures to 3e or 3.5, and if so, would you have any suggestions for how best to do this?

On Splitting the Party

I inadvertently threadjacked azuresorrow's post about reward systems.  Rather than continue with the off-topic discussion there I'm starting up a topic here.  

You can read the entire thread at this link:  here

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Remember Marvel Superheroes?

The Marvel Superheroes System, FASERIP (Fighting, Agility, Strength, Endurance, Reason, Intuition, Psyche) was a system of pure genius and, if we're very nice and pledge a few bucks Phil Reed will create an open gaming license version of the system, available for free.

How phat is that?

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