February 23rd, 2007

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In D&D 3.0 there was a Bard Spelled called "Crescendo". It was either a level 1 or 2 spell. It enhanced bardic music by making it more effective for 4(?) rounds. Round 1 was a +1, Round 2 was a +2, Round 3 was a +3, Round 4 was a +3, Round 5 was a +2 and every round after was back to a +1.

My question: Did the spell make the conversion to 3.5? If so, what book is it in? Is it still called Crescendo?

Orphaned Reynaldo

Story/Narrativist games for two?

Hey. This is my first post on this community.

I'm soliciting advice.

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So, here's my query:

Please suggest, if you can, some story games for two players. (GM-ful or GM-less is fine.)


Please suggest, if you can, some story games that aren't naturally written for two players, but can be modified to work for two, and tell me a bit about how to tweak them.

(I'd like to hear about two-player DitV games and how they were different from three- or four- or lots-of- player DitV, too.)


EDIT: Thanks to everyone who replied! (Not thanking y'all individually so as not to clutter the thread.)