February 20th, 2007

Inspiration. And curses.

Hey, I'm new here, but lurked before, and have a few things I hope are appropriate to ask.

Anyone have any advice or experience with running long one-on-one campaigns from a storytelling stand point? I'm okay with very short plots, but making a whole epic adventure for one person is proving difficult for me. This may be because I prefer winging/improv which is starting to fall apart for me the longer the plot goes on.

What do you do when you feel burnt out or out of ideas, but are already in the middle of a story you thought you knew where to go with? What do you try to get the muse working again?

On an unrelated note, I love roleplaying characters with curses or heavily debilitating afflictions, then seeing what they do about it. Seen any or have an idea for curses, diseases, or conditions that are fun to roleplay? (And also, hopefully, fun for other people to interact with, although this can depend on the players.)
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When to give the players the reins

I was reading previous posts, which led me to roleplayingtips.com, which led me to zoning out because for some reason blue text on white background hurts my eyes. Eventually, I came to this question.

How and when is it appropriate to allow a player to try something their character may not be the best suited to accomplishing?

Allow me to elaborate. I'm not referring to the spindly weakling conniver having a sudden urge to lop off the head of the giant guarding the door and crying to the GM when he can't even lift the two handed sword. I'm more thinking about plot chase situations and noncombat resolutions.

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