February 9th, 2007


Almost paradise…

Actually, a lot more than just a pair of dice.

I recently splurged and ordered the Skull & Bones assortment from Dicepool.com. I was curious to see what I might end up getting.

I just got done dumping the whole thing out on my bed and sorting through it, and here's the final tally for what kind of dice I got:Collapse )Now we come to a more interesting category: the odds-and-ends dice that came in the assortment. I'll start out with the more "normal" types of dice, then get into the really weird ones. I'm hoping any gamer types out there can satisfy my curiosity as to what games some of them came from.
Collapse )So, a total of 150 dice, plus the Dwarven Stone and a dice bag. Not bad at all for the price.

Apart from this, I also got a set of "crystal" dice—not the translucent kind, but the kind that are like handle-less dreidels rather than Platonic solids. They come in their own little spring-loaded box and are kinda neat.

Anyway, I'll update this post with the identities of the mysterious dice and the names of their first identifiers as they come in. Let the games begin!

Update: Odd how appropriate Friday's xkcd_rss turned out to be, isn't it?
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