February 4th, 2007


Insanity = Wackiness?

Has anyone else noticed the default tendency for people to play characters who are mentally unbalanced is to make them wacky (or, as my husband put it, "Chaotic Stupid")?

Any idea why players do this? Perhaps it's easy, or the players think it's entertaining?

Maybe it's just me, but I'm more entertained (and impressed) with a portrayal of Derangements (to use the WoD term) that shows some thought (a friend of mine who was a psych major played one of the best Malkavians I've ever seen in a VtM game), rather than the overused Fishmalk sort of portrayal.

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"Chosen of" prestige class

Is there a "Chosen of..." prestige class? Or is this unique depending upon the deity in question?

There are quite a few "Chosen of Mystra" characters in Forgotten Realms, but I can find no rules for creating a 'baseline' Chosen prestige class.
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