January 31st, 2007


Origins Event Deadline TODAY


Greetings, one and all. Today is the day that we need your Feature Text and Promotional Copy for use in the Origins Pre-Registration Book. If you have art, photos, or other materials that would be useful in promoting your events, you need to send that along today as well.

As explained before, the Origins Pre-Registration Book is best viewed as a kind of "movie trailer in print;" it is designed to excite the reader about Origins and all the events that are happening at the show. This is the kind of information we need from you, immediately. We aren't putting actual event data or schedules in that book; that is being saved for the online schedule and for the On Site Book.

We are very excited about all the event submissions we've received so far, and we can certainly pull information from those submissions for the book (especially from the Feature Text fields). However, if you have additional material to share that you feel would be good to further promote your events, now is the time to get that to me at events@gama.org.

If circumstances force you to delay, we might be able to work with you, but you MUST contact me immediately. Either drop me an e-mail or call me at 614-255-4500 (xt 104) and we'll see if we can't work something out. It would be best, however, to just send in the information you can by the end of the day. Anything that comes in after today has a much lower chance of being used in the Pre- Registration Book, which is going to layout and then print very soon.

Sean Patrick Fannon
Events Coordinator
Origins International Game Expo
The Computer

A little help

We're running a contest on my community page for the funny quote, called the Quote of Infamy , that will appear at the top of my comm (rpg_quotes ). I wanted to offer up to everyone here on roleplayers that they can vote even if they aren't a member. If this is seen as advertising for my community or as an infringement on the communtiy rules in any way I'll take no offense whatsoever at having this post erased by silentclarity. I just wanted to share the hilarity.