January 19th, 2007

Have you ever met...

Has there ever been anyone in your games group that most people have disliked at some point? In my games club we have two people who have been hard to play with.

The first was one of those people who was often selfish in games and would quite frequently cheat with the dice. It got to the point where we often stopped doing the main quest in order to kill his characters in humourous methods, often including rocks falling from great heights. In defence of him now he is actually a great guy to play games with since he seems to have matured a lot over the few years since he went to university.

The second guy was even worse. He is the guy who I mentioned once as wanting to change his character every session, but he was even worse than that. He would argue over rules, make up rules if things were not going his way, always try to be the group leader, and basically I cannot really forgive him for ruining my first game as dungeon master. Though I have to admit that what I did to his character after he left the game has remained one of the most humourous things we have at the club (his Trandoshan was shoved in an portable lavatory attached to an asteroid, which oddly enough appears in every star wars campaign I have ever run, with the most recent appearence it was found in a scrap yard with a drunk wookiee (a PC of course) inside). Apart from just being hard to play with he also seemed to disrespect people (especially myself) and one of my friends simply dreaded him (since this guy actually thought they were friends).

It got so bad that when he appeared last time at the club I simply rufused to be in the group he was running (since there were two game sessions that week). The worrying thing is that everyone agrees with me about him. Fortunately he has not appeared since.

I was wondering if anyone else had encountered people like this during their gaming careers?