January 14th, 2007



During the last RPG session, which saw our party clearing out some caverns full of Orcs, it was necessary to note our positions on a map for tracking combat and enemies. However, we didn't have any miniature figures with which to do so...

So what did we do? Some of the players were eating Pistaschio nuts, so we marked the shells with our character initials and the combat Orcs with black 'O's while the caster Orcs got red 'O's... :)

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Needless to say we won the battle, but I just thought i'd share that little anecdote with you... :)
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Harrison and I

Map makers?

Does anyone know of any free map makers I could download to use for an online RP game? I'm starting it with two friends and while we do have a way for a map to be drawn and scanned, it would be easier if there was a free program we could download and use. What we're looking for is something to map out a continent for a fantasy game. Forests, mountains, villages, castles, that kind of thing. Any help would be appreciated. I all ready downloaded this and it wasn't of any help.