January 12th, 2007


Actual play: Burning Wheel and Universalis

For a few weeks we've been building a setting using the Universalis GM-less rules. That worked extremely well for us. Now we're finally playing -- here's our first session which we're running with Luke Crane's Burning Wheel.

So far we're very pleased. The Burning Wheel character generation built some great characters (sadly not yet detailed at the wiki) using a system that reminds me a lot of Classic Traveller though without the random element. It allows a great deal of player input on the direction of the game both before and during play, which is turning out to be a lot of fun and very powerful -- it reduces the pre-session load on the GM quite a bit while sustaining some excellent play. The game itself gets nicely out of the way and is very intuitive for setting obstacle levels and accomplishing (or failing) tasks.

More updates as we play.

Edit: don't know where the hell I got "Lance" from.

Wilderness of Mirrors?

Wicked Dead Brewing Co. had a game out for a while called Wilderness Of Mirrors. It's not available now because they are apparently working on a new edition. Does anyone here know anything about the release of that edition?

Everything I've heard about the game makes me want to play it more. It sounds like the espionage game I've been looking for.