January 6th, 2007


tri-stat/SaS players?

I see that Tri-Stat has an optional rule for scaling stat point costs, but is there one for scaling attribute level and PMV point costs? It makes more sense because each rank in a PMV or attribute level (if it's on the progression chart)... gives a significantly higher bonus than the preceeding one... (overly exaggerated example: rank 1 gives you 10, rank 2 gives you 100, rank 3 gives you a million, so on...)
Is there a rule anywhere in Tri-Stat or Silver Age Sentinels for scaling point costs, so higher level ranks in attributes and PMVs have correspondinlgy higher costs? (example, it costs to raise it to rank 2, but it costs 2 points to raise to 3, 4 points to raise it to 4, etc.)