December 26th, 2006



So I was at my FLGS and the owner told me to pick up a copy of a magazine from Pagan or Pegasus press, I can't remember who does the Cthulhu magazine. Why.
Rules for playing Call of Cthulhu with cats. I'm not making this up. And it's not some joke game either; nice mechanics and it makes sense if you have read HP's works. The cats always knew the score in his stories.

So now I'm trying to think of a good story to play where the investigators are cats and a not silly one wither despite the fact that they are playing cats.

Any suggestions?

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So I'm curious.

The used bookstore down the way acquired this huge treasure trove of first edition AD&D modules - I figure someone moved, or got in a huge argument with an SO who told them to get rid of it, or something. And hey. I have first edition books. For better and worse the rules are simpler than 3.5; physically the rules aren't as well organized (that part's really daunting); and the players I'd have all kinda know 1st edition.

Running 1st edition AD&D in 2007; good idea, or bad idea, or worst idea ever?