December 23rd, 2006

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Fantasy Imperium: Review

I received this yesterday from the author who is on a historical rpg list I frequent. I warned him I was in Australia, but without fear he promptly airmailed (at $22 USD) this hefty tome to me. I feel kind of sorry for what I say, because of the work that's gone into it, but really I'm protecting other people when I make the recommendation. Fantasy Imperium is a very, very bad game.



Fantasy Imperium

Shadowstar Games, 2006, Mark O'Bannon, $34.95

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Question about Wargames West

Anyone here remember the publishing company Wargames West (out of New Mexico)?

I was curious what happened to them after they supposedly closed down back in 2001? Did they ever come back or something? Because I actually spotted their listing in a New Mexico directly and was curious if they managed to stage a come back