December 21st, 2006

Rawkin Chewbawkin
  • krrayn

Just leave 'em where they lie

Funny how the mind works. The above is a lyric I heard on the radio on the way in to work this morning, and naturally, I thought of large scale melees in fantasy games using figurines and battle mats.

When your group is in a small cavern fighting your way through a dozen and a half orcs across a bottle neck of fifteen feet (that's three squares for you D&D types), what happens to the bodies? Usually I just remove the dead miniatures from the field because they clutter up the map. But realistically...

Then I remembered movement rules in various systems have conditions for less than easy terrain. Would corpses increase the movement cost? Imagine you've got to cross twenty feet in a straight line to charge the gnoll that's about to hack your buddy's head off, and there are two bodies lying across your path. Do you step on them? jump over them? What if you slip in the pools of blood?

Then I thought, well, hey. If rules exist for extra movement costs, dead bodies should qualify. For wet- or dry-erase maps, you can just draw a line through the square.

I know I asked and answered my own question in this post, but I'd like to know how other people handle such scenarios.

Help wanted

I am looking for bawdy song lyrics.

Not overtly sexual but rather songs with amusing sexual inuendo. Things like "Poka-dot Undies", "My Ding-a-ling", and "A Wizard's Staff Has a Knob on Top" are about right. Newly invented songs and filks are good too. I'm looking for fun and amusing, not raunchy and explicitly descriptive as I intend on singing excerpts from these songs to my RPG players in game. (The poor suckers.)

The NPC that will be doing the singing is a male Warlock/Bard (HERO not D&D) who uses singing as the verbal component of his spells. Technically the verbal component didn't have to be bawdy songs (drinking songs work too if you have any of those) but he prefers them.

Can anybody help me find bawdy (and/or drinking) song lyrics? Suggestions? What kind of spell do you think those particular song lyrics would work for?
girl angel


There is no cantrip spell in the HERO System. (ie no spell for doing a variety of semi-useless crap) How could I simulate it using one or more powers in HERO? Is there a way to do this for AP lower than 30 and/or it costing a stupid amount of character points? I'm running a Hero game not a Superhero game. I am also useing the multi-power pool alternative rules set. Suggestions?