December 20th, 2006

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So, talking with a roomie tonight about the NWN server she plays on, and her view of RPing just makes my head hurt.
She wanted to play a monk (former assassin) from Rokugan.  This is fine, I explained what Rokugan was like, gave her some source books for her Clan, etc.  She decided to be Lawful Neutral.  This is all good, she liked the setting, and so forth.

But she refuses to actually play a character who would have been born and raised in the setting?  Honour and Bushido?  No way.  Clan Loyalty?  Not if it gets in the way of what she wants.  Following cultural mores?  Not for her.  Every character she makes, regardless of class, race, or alignment, or culture, does what they want, period.

It just drives me batty.  Why even bother making a background if you aren't going to play the outcome that would be a part of it?  (Sure, I'll play a character from Krynn -- I'll play a Lawful Good Solamnic Knight -- but I don't want to have to follow their oaths, and I don't want to have to risk my life to help people who need it.)

It just boggles the mind.  She was going to run Vampire, until one of the players decided to make a political character.  She didn't want intra-covenant conflict, so bam, that ended before there was even a session.  Why say you want to run a game in a specific setting if you won't use the setting?

Just... gah.
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