December 12th, 2006

Witchfire Session 1

My Iron Kingdoms Game

Or Jeff returns to D&D

I'm not a big fan of D&D.  I like it for what it is (a tactical combat mechanic with a bunch of other stuff tacked on) but for the most part I'd rather play any number of other RPGs.  However, an IK game was called for and I'm the guy who stepped up.  I'm running the Witchfire Trilogy.  This post is about the first session of the game, and includes a summary of the events in play as well as my observations about the pre-written adventure, the Iron Kingdoms setting, and D&D in general.  Warning if you're a big D&D/Witchfire fan: A lot of it is [i]not[/i] kind.

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The next session should be better - it involves two dungeons and a lot less "investigation," so it's a lot more suited for what D&D does well.  Hopefully it will engage the characters more.  I'll also have my grid mat by that point so CUE MINIATURE COMBAT BABY!