December 9th, 2006


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I play D&D in a weekly group of six players plus DM on Monday nights. Four of the six players are new to gaming. Come January, I'm slated to run a short (12-week) campaign for this group while the current DM's wife (one of the newbs) is on hiatus. Does anyone know of any good published adventures that could be stretched over twelve sessions? It doesn't have to be D&D, but it should be either an easy system to pick up or some form of d20. Also, if it is D&D, please, please, PLEASE, no dungeon crawls!

Thanks in advance!

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Hypothetical. I'm running an All Flesh Must Be Eaten game wherein one of my players tried to charge through a large crowd of zombies in his four wheel drive jeep... and failed. So, rather than hop out and dispense tire-iron justice he tried again and again to roll over these vast numbers of zombies all acting in tandem as a mighty multi-speed bump. He botched really badly a couple of times eventually and I determined that he heard a crunching sound of some kind and that he couldn't make any more attempts. So now they're hunkered down in a nearby building.

The question is: what kind of damage could such a plethora of bodies cause to the wheels of his vehicle? I'm not too knowledgeable about jeeps in general, but I'd like to come up with something better than a punctured tire. Thanks in advance.

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Working on some ideas for a homebrew gaming system...

What do you think, as a player, yields more favorable results? Rolling multiple die, or a single, bigger die?

In other words, in 2nd D&D for example, a broadsword deals 2d4 damage, while a longsword deals 1d8. I tend to favor the 2d4, because I figure in the long run it will deal more total damage: It can never roll a 1, and though it's less likely to roll an 8 than 1d8, it actually has the same percentage chance of rolling a 7 (1 in 8 on 1d8, 2 in 16 on 2d4).

But what about, for example, 2d10 versus 1d20? 2d10 is less likely to yield a result above 16, and tends to favor "middle of the road" numbers.

So, to put my inquiry another way: Assume you want high numbers. Also, assume you don't want low numbers (high numbers help you, but low numbers hurt you). Which combination of die would you prefer to use for the most favorable result: a single die, or smaller multiple die which add up to the same maximum number? (For example: 1d20 versus 2d10 versus 5d4).

Obviously, mathematically, the percentages are what they are - the numbers are immutable. So I'm not asking for an explanation of how probability works - just what would be your personal preference.

EDIT: Just to clarify, for this inquiry assume that low numbers represent unfavorable results, average numbers don't help or hurt in any way, and high numbers represent favorable results. Therefore, an example could be that on a d20/2d10/5d4 die roll you lose points for rolling six or lower, you gain points for rolling 16 or higher, but you neither gain or lose points for rolling 7-15. I'm more concerned about the bigger die (2d10 vs. 1d20 vs. 5d4) than the little die (because in those cases, as in 2d3 vs. 1d6 the multiple die are usually clearly better).