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Thursday, December 7th, 2006
12:28p - Star Wars House Rules?
Star Wars Fan? (check)
Gaming Geek (check)
revised Star Wars D20 books (check..wait.uh..it says what?)

Been playing in (and having a lot of fun) a Star Wars D20 campaign with an awesome group of folks. Since all of us have either been GMs before or played a lifetime's worth of tabletop, one thing has become apparent:
House Rules are the norm, not the exception.
So far, we've:

  1. Separated Vitality from force pool.

  2. We've established different Dark Side rules (so that Dark Side players can have more freedom without atrophying on the spot--and we can have a mixed party on occasion)

  3. Played with the space combat/hyperspace tables--my Jedi Ace crack pilot was practically arriving at her destination before she left the starting point and other oddness)

  4. Tweaked the opposed Move Object & Burst of Speed rules.

I think I might be missing a few other tweaks, but you get the idea. What's your opinion?
Has anyone else out there made house rules for the StarWars D20 system? Just kinda curious if we're totally off base or if the system is just weird like that.
(if this is covered somewhere else, feel free to point it out)
Time-line wise, the game is set in the Mandolorian Wars/Knights of the Old Republic era, so we have a bit more freedom with known Force powers & general knowledge of Force users.

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