December 6th, 2006

Werewolf Klaive for Sale

I'm selling my Werewolf the Apocalypse real metal replica Klaive on EBAY. I've had it for several years and really liked having this ulitmate piece of nerd kitch, but it's time to let it move on to a home where it'll be better appreciated. I also really need the scratch to get christmas presents.
Go check out the listing here.

Good DMing spreadsheets?

I'm going to run Dungeons and Dragons (shock!  gasp!)

I'd like to see what's out there as far as Excel spreadsheets for managing a game.  What I'd ideally like:
- tracking all relevant player info I might need for "secret" checks (listen and spot skills; saving throws, stuff like that
- some easy template I can put monsters into to track their detailed information
- a quick combat tracker for relevant combat info (initative, attack bonuses, saving throws, anything else I might care about)

I've worked out something on my own but I'm sure this has been done; there must be someone who's already done this better than I could.