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Thursday, November 30th, 2006
12:02a - Next on N!
So I had the opportunity to dust off my copy of the Aberrant rules, and actually start a campaign. Before, I'd only done a one-off. I tell ya, I like the system a lot, but it does have some holes in it. I'm doing more juggling and improvising as an ST than I did the last time I ran Mage. I had to adjust mega-strength (with some very helpful player input), and make a few other house rules on the fly- which I ought to codify soon.

I'm only using some of the metaplot- I'm also using stuff from Warren Ellis' Stormwatch run. I had some ideas, and it's been a fun way to play with the setting.

I've got the characters in a academy for potential Stormwatch recruits, a college/boot camp for novas. It's been a lot of fun dropping all the teen/college movie tropes: There's already been a "wild party and aftermath" story.

So, for those of you who have given Aberrant a whirl:

What house rules did you use, if any? Any setting changes?

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