November 9th, 2006

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Fond, dark wishes.

The other night, in my friend's D&D 3.5 game, he presented us with the challenge of breaking a seige on a truly impregnable fortress, or at least turning the tide of the seige a bit in our favor (Our side were the ones laying seige, btw). We ended up infiltrating through an underground river and blowing up most of their water source, but that's not the point of this story. My first idea, and it's an idea have had before in other situations, was this:

1. Find and somehow wake up the Tarrasque.
2. Lead it to the enemy country, starting with the fortress in question.
3. Stay the hell out of its way until it goes back to sleep.
4. Clean up what's left.

Couple of questions:

1 - Am I a bad person for even coming up with a plan like that, let alone wanting to execute it?
2 - Is there anything that you have always wanted to do in a game, but never been able to?
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So I'm curious.

I really want to run kind of traditional D&D styled fantasy (magic, dragons, dungeons, the whole bit), but now that I'm playing D&D again, I don't entirely like the mechanics of combat. Combat winds up being slow and mostly this grind of melee, without much in the way of tactics, using the scenary, and so on. (This is not to belittle the game or GM, as I've really had a great time.)

What I'd really like is a smoother, more cinematic pace, where combat is just another element to move the story along, and to really encourage players to work with the terrain.

Naturally I remembered the old West End Games system and just how fun it was to run Star Wars. To my delight there's still a D6 system out there.

My questions are; do you think D6 is a good system for the sort of thing I want to try?

If not, would you have something not-GURPS to reccomend? (I like GURPS just fine, but would rather not run it.)

And, with most of us so familiar with and fond of D&D, do you think I could actually pursuade players to try using a different system to play in sort of the same setting?
Harrison and I

(no subject)

I'm looking for some places to affiliate/promote my Star Wars RP message board game, because we really need more members, and we need some affiliats. I feel like I've found sites in the past that I could promote it at but for the life of me I can't remember where or figure out what to search for.

I've all ready joined a number of LJ RPG promotion communities and have promoted it in them. I'd prefer to find some message boards (preferably ones where I wouldn't necessarily have to role play at the boards (meaning general Star Wars fandom boards- talking about the books, movies, all that stuff) to promote it at since my game is a board game and I've already promoted it in places on LJ.

So basically...anyone know of:

1) Any Star Wars games looking for affiliates
2) Any general Star Wars fandom boards
3) Any role play games where I wouldn't necessarily have to play in a RP game
4) Any sites where I could submit the link for it to be listed?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. :D