November 6th, 2006


Just been thinking and chatting with folks but am wondering why there has been no NightWatch RPG created based off the Sergey Lukyanenko novels.

I read somewhere, probably Wiki, or the author's site that there was a 'mythologies of the watches' that went into more detail about the beliefs of the watches. Lukyanenko also seems to have done a large amount of work in defining the world in which the books are set. I've only worked my way through the first two parts of the first book and don't know Russian but it looks like a really strong set up for a game.

My frame of reference for determing the 'feel of a possible game' are the following:

* Watching the film
* Reading the first two parts of the first book.
* Having two memorable trips to Moscow in the last four or five years.

Admitedly not the greatest but from what I've seen it looks that the 'game world' would be incredibly gritty, grimey and most likely quite realistic. The tower-blocks, remanants from the old days (statues, eloborate train stations, the people provide an interesting backdroup. It's likely that there are political undercurrents in the book that I've not picked up on, with themes of morality, freedom, brutuality and such. Also an inherent sense that you are being guided, coupled with a sense of doom.

As far as systems goes, I think there are two choice: Go the narrative route, Dogs in the Vineyard style where your 'other' power is more fluid and you can bid what you can do. (Seonaidh's idea about the GM balancing with Truce dice that he may mention in reply.)

The other choice pick something non-narrative where you can pick your powers from a list of existing powers or where your ablities are defined. There are great many systems that I think would work well: Nemesis, Savage Worlds, even D20.

As far as existing RPGS that can be used to run a Nightwatch game which has echos of the 'right feel', I'd say that the grittiness of A/State could work and from what I've skimmed perhapss Cold City looks strong. Dogs in the Vineyard has the right sense of absolute authority. Delta Green / Twilight 2000 provide the right level of doom. Even World of Darkness done right could work.