October 29th, 2006

  • paka

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Would it be all right to ask for quasi-professional advice here? (Please tell me/pull down this post if it's not.)

Basically, if you were trying to sell yourself to game publishers as an artist, probably for doing interior art, would y'all have any reccomendations for which publishers might be good to approach, or for how? (Green Ronin, AEG, and so on?)

Why I ask; I'm an illustrator with a tiny bit of publishing experience (Sanguine, and now Fifth Element Games), focused mostly on clean, somewhat cartoony black and white art. Obviously I'm good at working to specifications and within deadlines, and even though the money is nice, I really like the feeling of being published, and making cool stuff for people, a lot more. (That's why I'm asking here first, before trying art communities; what gamer/artist doesn't want to make stuff for other gamers?)

I'm trying to get better at painting, but obviously doing interior b/w illustrations is what I'm better at now. I have a small amateur gallery up at http://pachycrocuta.deviantart.com/, and hope to get things moving on a website soon. Currently I'm compiling a portfolio to send off.