October 15th, 2006

  • cygnia

The care & feeding of henchmen

So, in the D&D 3.5 game we're stumbling through, my 2nd lvl CN Human Rogue has gained the services of a 1st lvl NE Goblin Warrior (looooong story involving a coup that struck the goblin city we were captured in) as a henchman.

I've never had a henchman before and would like any and all advice when it comes to boosting morale & loyalty, especially when it comes to differing alignments/species. Likewise, I'd like to maintain a good balance towards improving the henchman's gear, but not so much that I find I'll be stabbed in the back with it later on.

Also, if/when he survives levelling up, will I be the one alloting where he spends his skill points/feats or will that be up to the GM?

The rest of the party is mostly 2nd lvl as well: a CN Dwarf Fighter, a N Elven Wizard, a NG Gnome Cleric (deity of Luck & Travel), a NG Human Dragon Shaman (Bronze) and a 1st lvl LG Human Monk (who may be quitting the game anyway due to inactivity). The Dwarf & the Elf are causing problems with each other (and the GM wants to kill them both no doubt), making the group as a whole not a very cohesive unit out of combat. After myself and the cleric got knocked out due to "experimenting" with a couple of artifacts, the dwarf then proceeded to knock out my henchman and the Elf before we could be woken up (the Elf made a beeline for the items). The Dwarf and the flustered Shaman then hid the artifacts for temporary safety.

That's a separate rant on its own, mind you. :p The Dwarf is one of those Chaotic Crazy types (I'm playing my CN as more Chaotic Selfish)...:p I'd like to strengthen my henchman if only to defend myself against the bastard better!