October 5th, 2006

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i don't kill puppies for satan but sometimes i set my dog on fire
my name is iain, i'm whacked

cold 3
f'd up 1
mean 1
relentless 2
evil 3

this many people have noticed me as a human being, not just another cackling howling psychopath: 3

i think i can set fire with my eyes, but really, it's a zippo


Seriously, "Kill puppies for Satan" is the most screwed up, depraved, morbid and crude game you could imagine. Now, I'm sure your saying "I can think of worse".
It's all in the context. Being evil can be sexy, if done with class, Femme Fatals anyone? You don't even touch that in KPFS, you play the kind of low life bastard that wouldn't even make it as cannon fodder for an action hero, the low of the low, the scum of the earth.

Anyone else played this game?

Lonely roleplayer Aisle Five

I am looking for people to do original character roleplaying with or to share our characters and threads with each other.I love to do roleplays with different people and would love to meed some more people who loveit as much as I do. I love to roleplay in just about any form I love to set up journal rps, AIM convos or forum threads. I am interested in all kinds of characters and genres. I have also just recently starting to create graphics for characters and threads. If anyone wanted some neat graphics made I could pull that off as well. Examples are over at my journal! Anyone interested check out my journal at vivianlangre. So excited to meet new people to play and talk with!

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If You Know About Midwest/Ohio Valley Geek Gatherings, I Need Your Help

(Cross-posted in columbus_geeks and roleplayers)

I am currently researching all game days, game cons, comic book cons, sci-fi/fantasy cons, and anything else that qualifies as "geek-gathering" in the state and region. We at GAMA want to be more involved in local and regional events and be active in promoting Origins at these shows.

Anything you know about, I want to hear about it. Any information you can share. I am focused on Ohio, of course, but want to know about Michigan, Indiana, Kentucky, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and any place within reasonable driving distance from Columbus, OH.

Much obliged for any and all leads.

Sean Patrick Fannon
Events Coordinator, Origins International Game Expo
Game Designer and Writer