October 3rd, 2006


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How do you treat Race in your games?

I don't mean Dwarf, Elf etc, I mean skin colour, hair colour, and so on.
I've found alot of RPG material whitewashes all people, setting the default character to a western european look. I myself didn't give it much thought until recently, when I began reading "A Wizard of Earthsea".

I started to think, why does skin colour seam to play such a roll in a race's disposition. why are dark skinned elves (drow) more likely to be evil, or dark dwarves less good then the more fair skinned ones.

In a broader perspective, most "evil" races have few traits one would consider beautiful by western white standards. Orcs are evil, so are goblins, Most fey are fair-skinned and good, while Ogres and the less-then-good giants have darker skin?