September 27th, 2006

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Nostalgic Maps and Stuff and Things.

In the current issues of Dungeon Magazine (114, 138 through 150) are a series of adventures set around the Isle of Dread. Many of us old-schooly gamers remember X1: The Isle of Dread. Some of us even remember it fondly. These days the Isle of Dread is in Greyhawk, but once it was in Mystara.

Anyway, while booting around the internet I found the Mystara home page. Ho-hum, the usual sorts of stuff.

However, this hex-map of the old Known World (with none of that way-east or way west stuff that came later, broken down to 8 mile hexes? Pure nostalgia gold.

Ah, from the early days ship-wrecked as a bunch of 1st level AD&D characters (yes, I know it was in the Expert rules, sue me) in the Archapeligo to the end of the campaign, riding a Chariot of Sustarre across the roof-tops of Selenica to simulate Incendiary bombardment (hey, they burnt down his grove ... a Druid isn't going to take that stuff sitting down) ... I spent a lot of my late teen years GMing my way across that map. *sniff*

Anyone else care to wax nostalgic?


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For a gaming project I am working on, I need a decent res map of the world, preferably without text on it (countries etc) that details elevations by colour.

If anyone can help, or link me to this image, I would be eternally in your debt.

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