September 15th, 2006

confident, shirley2

AD&D Core Rules 2.0 Expansion CDROM

Hey guys, I just wanted to plug an auction going on right now for the AD&D Core Rules Expansion 2.0 CD-ROM, an extremely rare, character-building program for Advanced Dungeons and Dragons which is no longer on the market.

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The AD&D Core Rules 2.0 Expansion completes the Core Rules 2.0 software. This is one of TSR's "Essential AD&D software" packages which enables DMs to manage their campaigns digitally. PCs can be stored in the program, which automatically updates stats and equipment. PC generation is quick and easy. You can view and print character sheets, generate treasure troves, dice rolls, table rolls, monsters, npcs, magic items and encounters. There is also a map maker included to build dungeon, building, city and campaign overland maps.

The Core Rules 2.0 Expansion disc adds new content and features to Core Rules 2.0 (the earlier version is required to run the Expansion). The Expansion includes the following new features:

  • 9 key AD&D rulebooks included in HTML
  • 11 Complete Handbooks: Bards, Druids, Fighters, Paladins, Priests, Thieves, Wizards, Ranges, Elves, Dwarves and Gnomes & Halflings.
  • Additional map set featuring building interiors, for the Map Maker II program.
  • Customize character record sheets by converting Rich Text Format files
  • Create multiple non-player characters (NPC groups)
  • Create custom classes, including speciality priests
  • Key features of 150 custom character kits, as they appear in the Complete Handbook series.

Thank you for the opportunity to post, and happy bidding!