September 7th, 2006


Iron Heroes

The Palazzo di Gamer is about to start an Iron Heroes game and to be honest, I'm not really looking forward to it. To my mind, it just sounds like it is going to be abysmally boring - another hack and slash campaign with a vaguely gladiatorial theme, ala Gladius, only without Teh Magics (tm). I've been soundly outvoted by the Palazzo so we are going forward with the game. We're creating first level characters so we can play on Tuesday in two weeks.

Because I'm so less than enthused by this, I'm hoping that some gamers with experience in the system, or who are just kind of jazzed about it, even if they've never played, would be willing to tell me what they like about the system. I'm hoping that enthusiasm will rub off, and I will be able to generate some interest that way.

And, for the curious, the current gaming schedule of the Palazzo:

Alternating Mondays - Werewolf: the Foresaken in Chicago/Unknown Armies
Alternating Tuesdays: D&D/Iron Heroes
Wednesdays: Homebrew Political Intrigue game using modded nWoD system
Thursdays: Exalted
Alternating Fridays: Mage LARP/Maritime D&D
Saturdays: Requiem LARP (not that I play it all that often, these days)
Sundays: Dragonlance D&D

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DitV - Items and traits

A conflict was raise in the last game around whether to stay at my chr's (Greg) parents house or not. Greg's parents have no love for him, so he was keen to stay elsewhere, while the other two chrs wanted to find out what Greg's parents were like and the family orintated one didn't understand 'not wantting to stay with family'.

So we raise a conflict. One of Greg's items is a 1d6 Dog's coat (representing the fact that the community couldn't be bothered making something nice). During the conflict one of the other players wanted to raise with Greg's coat, pointing out there were obviously something to discuss with the parents or the coat would be better. I let him cause it was an argument that made sense for his chr. Now the questions come. As he had called on Greg's coat, was it still available (systemwise) for Greg to call on?

My opinion is no, cause from a story POV, how can you defend using an item which has been used to attack you with?

Then comes the next q. Greg and the other dogs get to know each other well, Greg sees that Carson is an "all round nice guy". Should Greg and Carson have an argument, from a story POV Greg will use the fact that Carson is "an all round nice guy" against him, rub his nose in the fact that becuase of this, he gets used and abused. So now I am pulling a trait off another player's sheet and using it against him. I'm a little uncomftable with the idea of then saying I have used that trait (systemwise), therefore it has been used up.

Anyone else encountered this? Come up with ideas around the situation?