September 5th, 2006

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  • syhd

how dark do you like your campaign?

I was musing one day on the various campaigns I've played in and how some were light and irreverent, others full of intrigue, adventure, and some dark and grim. At the same time, I was thinking about chocolate. So I decided to mix the two together into an informal poll.

How dark do you like your campaign?

1) White chocolate: light and irreverent. Contains comic episodes and characters, evil characters are riddled with silly behavior and mannerisms, or beset by comic flunkies. Everything resolves happily like a sitcom.
2) Milk chocolate: World is largely upbeat and humorous but characters or plot have serious edges to them. Situations resolve well, but may have a serious, enduring effect on a character or plot.
3) Semisweet chocolate: The world is an unpredictable mix of comic and serious. Characters and plots are silly, serious, or both. Mood can vary depending on the ST/players' desire.
4) Bittersweet chocolate: World is troubled, but good people can make positive changes. Nothing and no one is so good that is not laced with some bitterness or countered by an equal sense of bad. Likewise, nothing and no one is so bad that endures or goes unchallenged.
5) Dark chocolate: The world is widely flawed, corruption is second nature, but islands of hope and good remain. Characters have to labor/strive to achieve good means, but it's absurdly easy for them to stumble and make matters worse.
6) Noir chocolate: thematically dark. Good characters have one or more serious flaws, bad characters are damned but can be saved by miraculous changes of heart. The world is broken, but can be tipped into something far worse.
7) Darkest of the dark dark dark chocolate: world so bleak or nightmarish, hope is fleeting and naive. All characters are deeply flawed in one sense or another, or are villains vying against one another.

Feel free to redefine as you see fit.