August 29th, 2006

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Do you have a type of game that you just don't enjoy playing? Do you have trouble making evangelistic roleplayers accept and register this fact? Does a player in your group object to a particular genre? Explaining you don't like a game can be like saying you don't like chocolate. I'm personally not keen on fantasy gaming, essentially because I prefer realism and character-driven plots, to mechanics driven, stylised games. I like history and the paranormal, but not swords & sorcery. A player in one group I game with doesn't like World of Darkness, but enjoys Cuthulu and Cyberpunk. Do you make compromise choices of game for the group?
  • laudre

D&D 3.5: Duskblade Redux

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I'm rather fond of the duskblade as a class, in terms of mechanical abilities; they're both unique enough to justify being a separate base class (if you're not of the opinion that all such things should be prestige classes; I certainly am not), and powerful without being unbalanced. However, the flavor in the Player's Handbook II (the book in which they appear) is kind of bland, presenting them as a sort of bladesinger-lite: 1/3 the niftiness of your regular class.

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Any thoughts? Criticisms?