August 24th, 2006

  • xuenay

"Notice lie" skill

A bunch of games have these skills. GURPS has Detect Lies. D&D has Sense Motive. I'm sure there are a couple of others with them too. In both cases, the description of the skill goes something like "roll this whenever your opponent is lying to see if you realize something is amiss. Resisted by their bluff".

Does this sound like pretty bizarre to anyone else? I mean, if they're a really poor liar you can probably tell - but I honestly don't know of anybody who'd be so easy to read that I could read their face to find out whether or not they were lying. I'm pretty sure I don't sound or look any different when I tell somebody a lie - I just do, and that's it. Sure, there are situations where you can tell somebody is telling a lie - if they're making up something complex and get caught in it, for instance - but that doesn't seem to be what the skills in question are about. As a result, I tend to either allow rolls off this skill very rarely, or just disallow it completely in my games.

Thoughts? Am I missing something here?