August 21st, 2006



Reading the previous post on levels, I have a question for you all.

This one assumes you're familiar with both D&D (in some incarnation) and Lord of the Rings (oh heck, books or movies, if you're really anal do both.)

The situation: you're going to run a game set in Middle Earth, using D&D of some edition, that starts out the same time as Fellowship of the Rings begins. The characters from the book are going to be NPCs. You're going to stat up the members of the Fellowship. What level would you make each one?

I don't care what class they'd get in D&D, that Gandalf doesn't correspond perfectly to D&D wizards and blah blah. I also don't care if you'd multiclass someone, and make Aragorn a Rngr 4/Rog 3/War 4 or whatever. Just totals. What level would Aragorn be in your game?

I'm curious to see the responses to this. Hopefully most everyone is familiar with the source material, but I think people have a different enough idea of levels that there should be some interesting replies.