August 16th, 2006

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[Burning Empires] Heimdall

My friend Judd brought Burning Empires back from GenCon for my housemate, Bob, and it took all of an afternoon for our Tuesday night group with our friend Jeff and Jere to get excited about it enough to ditch our Burning Wheel campaign in favor of fighting off the Vaylen invasion. We only had about two hours so we've only painted the world with broad strokes and haven't burned up characters yet, but Heimdall has come together and we are psyched.

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I figure I'll amuse myself and possibly y'all by talking about Dungeon magazine.

Now out of the mists of dim proto-gaming history, long before anyone ever thought "hey! Wouldn't it be cool to be vampires and werewolves instead of just killing them?" there was a brilliantly Gygaxian module called The Tomb of Horrors. This thing had Total Player Kill written all over it. There are whole platoons of M1A1 Abrams tanks that would be less deadly than most rooms in the Tomb of Horrors. After you expended a batch of resurrection and wish spells getting your party members back to life from the myriad traps, you could finally fight the Tomb's central figure - the demilich Acerecak (sp?), now a floating skull which ate souls without barely any saving throw.

I mention the Tomb of Horrors because that's credited in Dungeon 138 as the inspiration behind The Mud Sorceror's Tomb. It's definitely appropriate.

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I posted this on the Exalted forums at WW, but no one's answered yet, so I figured I'd bring it here. This is the short version.

Standard Disclaimer: If you're one of my players, stop reading NOW or Fair Folk will eat your character, turning him into little bits of paper with stats on it in front of the rest of the Circle. Seriously. Don't make me break the fourth wall.

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Old School: Your Favorite Gygaxian Dungeon Bit!

I was going to post this as a reply to paka's post, but I figured I'd be an attention whore and start a new post.

We're talking about old school D&D (and AD&D) dungeons, where random death is just a failed saving throw away. Here's your moment to reflect on your favorite rediculous trap or completely nonsensical room or encounter.

Here's mine, from X2 Castle Amber:

There's a room with four holes in the ceiling, each hole is 1 foot wide and 6 feet deep. Reaching up with your hand reveals nothing, but if you poke aroun with a spear or your 10" pole, you discover that each hole contains:

#1: 6 Killer Bees!
#2: 1,000 Gold Pieces!
#3: A sack filled with water!
#4: A Cockatrice!

There's no explanation for how this shit got up there, and of course there's no way to find out ahead of time what's in each hole. It's just a random insane Gygaxian Let's Make A Deal of money, junior high gags and angry bees.
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Random converstation and watching "The Scorpion King" resulted in the creation of a game for role playing bad action movies. This hasn't been play tested yet but I thought I'd post it here anyway for your amusement. Feel free to use it if you want... but if you do play it I'd appreciate it if you let me know what you thought.


Danson studios presents...

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