August 13th, 2006

manos the...

hand to hand.

what would be your thoughts on a community that shared pdf files of role playing errata?
if you're interested, what would be some suggestions to keep it real enough and encourage members to buy the product? perhaps just sharing content books and not core manuals?
some content books are very hard to find or out of print completely,
would you only suggest sharing said out of print material or new material?

just some thoughts.


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So I ran Exalted on Friday, which was rather entertaining all on its own, but I felt I had to share the following story, which was told entirely in-character...

Me is me (the ST).
Azure is an ex-pirate cannibal Lintha Eclipse Caste. Simon is his player. Azure is telling the new Night caste his life story.

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Okay, so it amused me...
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