August 9th, 2006


Magic Item

In the ancient past was the race known as the Froom.  They were master druids, and musicians without peer.  Their land was a place of bounty, where nobody knew the pangs of hunger and starvation.  At the height of their power, they created an item known as the lute of plenty, which allowed them to take their gifts far and wide.  Wherever they went, the Froom would play their wonderous instrument, causing crops to grow, and nature to flourish.

But such things were never meant to last.  The Froom eventually fell, their gifts forgotten and lost.  All but the lute of plenty, which exists in rumours and legends, leading many bards to search far and wide for it.

And so, the quest begins, for the Lute of the Froom.

(Yeah, I know, needs work...)
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