July 21st, 2006

Harrison and I

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I'm guessing this would probably be the place to ask such a question about this, though if anyone knows of a better place, please let me know.

When it comes to role playing on Gaiaonline, what would you say the chances of finding good, real role play there are?

I ask because a real life friend of mine plays on the site and all she told me is that basically, the good role play tends to be with the guilds.

I was just wondering what the general opinion on the site is in general and also when it comes to role play. Where do you go to find the good guilds VS the ones that might be bad?

I think I joined the site a long while back but never did any role playing there. It'd be good to be able to find a decent message board to play on the side of my current role play, especially if it were an original fantasy (or, hell, even Star Wars) game without any overdone plots/cliche/Mary Sue type characters.

Anyone have any recommendations for guilds to join, if what my friend said is true?

Think that's it. ^_^ Thanks for any info.

Edit: Okay...>.> I might have to rethink joining Gaia- not that I have, yet.

I quote:

This community is for fans of the game, Go-Gaia, or Gaia Online

Gaia online is an online anime rpg community.

from gaiaonline's profile.

Plus, in gaiajournal's profile, it lists a bunch of Anime stuff in the interests.

...Is it mainly for Anime? That should've been my first question.

I'm not in to anime, so...that's one reason I wouldn't join.

However, my friend was playing in a...fantasy RP with vampires the other day when I was at her house, and that's what made me think it might be for something other than Anime...:|