July 15th, 2006

  • espher


I almost got a punch in the face from another player on Thursday for showing up to a new Shadowrun game with a character named Mac Sparrow, Software Pirate of the Caribbean and Coder of the Black Perl.

I think I'm going to like this game. ;)

More on topic, does anyone have any good resources for players new to the Shadowrun setting? Be they history, rules FAQs (4th Edition), and so forth? I'm liking the background a lot, which surprises me, because I normally HATE cyberpunkish things, so I'd rather do some more reading so I can well versed in the broad scope of the setting for next session and flesh out my background. It was a last minute invitation so I didn't get to be as prepared as I usually like. :)
  • bzzrfk

Lonely Gamer

After 23 years of playing and running roleplayings games I find myself with no one to play with. All of the players I've gamed with for the last 10+ years have moved away.

Can anyone recommend a MMORPG or other online game that is actually good for roleplaying?
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