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Roleplayer's Community's Journal

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Friday, July 7th, 2006
8:49a - Games I'd Like To...
Mother, Jugs, and Speed.

Take the dark comedy classic from the 70's and set it in a world somewhere between Interstate '76 and Damnation Decade where the players portray a team of Full-Contact Paramedics.

System: Maybe True20 & Damnation Decade, but probably Savage Worlds.

(Please feel free to comment on this idea, propose your own GILT, or just tell me I need more sleep).


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12:07p - The Sorta-Semi-Annual RPG Poll
Since it is about time again, I thought I'd refresh the semi-annual question thing silentclarity did.

The Rules
1) The word "Games" refers to "role playing games" as defined in the context of this community. This means LARPs, tabletop RPGs, chat-based RPGs, email RPGs, LJ based RPGs, etc. MMORPGs, CRPGs, and video game RPGs don't count, you can discuss them elsewhere.. Neverwinter Nights in a DMed setting does count, that's about the only exception.

2) Games is deliberately vague - you can mention campaigns, or you can mention game systems. If you do mention campaigns though, I want to know what game system you were using. Please try to be clear about versions - if you were playing D&D was it 3.5? 3.0? AD&D2 etc? (Feel free to elaborate on your answers -- what was good about the games you played, what wasn't? Probably not as in-depth as an Actual Play post, but that'll do if you wish!)

3) Feel free to comment on other people's posts, but only after you've posted one of your own. No free comments!

4) Played and GMed are synonymous; the GM is just another player for our purposes.

5) Three and only three answers to each question! You don't get any additional freebies!

The Questions
1) What are the last three games you played?

2) What three games have you enjoyed playing the most?

3) What three games that you have never played would you most like to try out?

And a reminder: There is a Frapper Map for this community, bookmarked in the community info. So feel free to add yourself to the frapper just for kicks: http://www.frappr.com/roleplayersljcommunity

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