June 30th, 2006

dire troll mauler

The Game of Hats

Hi. I've posted to the community once or twice and comment semi-often, but read every day. I'm trying to follow Rule 2 as well as I can with this post; if not, I humbly submit myself to moderator smackdown.

Blind Catharsis Games just released the complete The Game of Hats, a roleplaying game about...well, hats. It's a little silly and a little serious. It's about 17 pages of rules-light system with advice and a play summary sheet. Since I'm marketing to established roleplayers, I don't add filler like the "What is Roleplaying?" section - everything in the book should be immediately useful.

Most importantly, the game is free. I'm not charging a cent. My upcoming game, Pantheon, will be available as a cheap .pdf or slightly less cheap paperback book, but The Game of Hats is completely free. Doesn't cost a cent.

I'll be around to answer any questions or discuss comments. Let me know what you think.