June 22nd, 2006


That'll be two sheep and four stoats in change, sir!

Setting: Original System (MU* medium)

Issue: A certain type of magic is helped out by critter sacrifice. Chickens aren't bad, goats are better, cows are awfully good, humans are grand (but well, it's pretty illegal and evil to do).

Question: Is there some RPG system out there that has a handy-dandy chart or formula which one can adopt and adapt for working out "How good of a sacrifice is [random critter X]?" someone out there knows about? I thought it'd be easy enough to either base it on WoD Willpower, or Unisystem 'Essence', but WoD WP doesn't really seem to work out (and I can't find a chart or formula like that for Unisystem. At least, not in the Witchcraft RPG system books I have).

I'm leaning towards something that uses [factor based on intelligence of critter] times [factor based on mass of critter], so a big dog and a small calf of the same weight would have the dog be the "better sacrifice" (albeit the more troublesome one, since the dog won't be too pleased about it, headlines will be nastier if you're a dog-killer than a cow-killer, and you're probably going to feel worse about killing a dog than a cow), but that's more if I can't find some other system's setup that I can fiddle with.

Anyone out there familiar with a good chart for the quantified value of a lemming vs a lemure vs a leopard?

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