June 20th, 2006


d20 to DnD?

I know this is a lame question but I am hoping to look for a 'conversion' from d20 Modern's 'Purchase DCs' to Gold Pieces...

My friend told me that there was a conversion for such a thing, he wants to run a DnD + d20 modern campaign setting... a weird mix but I think it can be done.

Any opinions?

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So my 50 Fathoms campaign is sailing along smoothly (I'm sorry), although I feel like the first part has had a bit too much doom and gloom, and not quite enough romantic adventure and high flying fun. The first few sessions especially, they took a beating from zombies, octopons, sea monsters, and ran like hell from a ghost ship. (For those of you unaware, 50 Fathoms is a fantasy pirates game, set in a drowning world. There are no elves or orcs, but lots of strange monsters and races, mages, and more than a few displaced sailors from earth.)

Things have started to turn around, and the pcs are starting to get over their hard luck beginnings, but I'd really like to do something a little different next session, something fun and light and perhaps a bit silly. (Ok, the campaign in general is occasionaly silly, even when the PCs are in a city under seige by the psychotic pirate Francis L'Ollonaise. My favorite joke of tonight's game: Captain to the new PC, a Fire Mage with the All Thumbs hindrance "Ye can't sail, what good are ye on a ship? Can ye cook?!" "No, I tend to burn everything.")

But anyways, before the next major plot adventure hits, I want to have a "silly" adventure. Something fun and amusing and not particularly deadly. Thing is, I'm not quite sure exactly what I want to do or how to go about making it interesting. Too many years running Vampire have left me unsure how to do an adventure without impending doom and insurmountable odds and all that. ;)

Currently, the PCs are sailing to New Madrid, to see if they can find work with the Spanish Guild. Perhaps it's Carnival when they get there? Maybe an npc gambler falls in love with a PC and steals her off to the opera? (I think a fight with a giant talking purple octopus might be too silly...) Or maybe we can have a big swashbucklery duel, or some romance?

Any ideas appreciated.

Oh yeah, the PCs:
M: Masaquani ship captain, a greedy SOB with a hook for a hand, who nonetheless has amazing control over his ship.
R: The first mate, perhaps even more greedy, a charming and smooth talking Super. Human, of African decent who sailed for the british in the carribean.
A: Female swashbuckling sailor type, rapier and pistol, white shirt, big floppy hat. Easily the most upstanding, do gooder type on crew, has code of honor and butts heads somewhat with her less moral superiors.
C: The new guy, fire mage. Hasn't seen much of the world outside his studies, isn't terribly brave and has a knack for breaking things, wether he means to or not.

And sometimes...
S: Masaquani female swashbuckling sailor type. Believes deeply in fate, and can't keep secrets at all. S only shows up maybe half the game sessions, so I can't really focus the plot around her.
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Advice for proceeding in a Vampire game

I think that my friends are suffering tl;dr-itis when it comes to my latest post on my personal journal, asking for impressions of a story I'd like to run for my Vampire: the Requiem character. And I figured if I tossed it out to all of you, someone out there would have a boring desk job or lazy summer vacation and wouldn't mind spending the 20 minutes reading the various bits of setup ^_-;

My basic request: as an outsider, does the story I outline at the end make Az seem petulant and whiny? If so, how would you change it? (Obviously, this is going to be modified by me if it doesn't fit the character, but suggestions are welcome.)

If it doesn't come off as whiny or petulant, what sort of impression does it give of the character and of her relationship to her mentor?

Assuming the story went forward as planned, how would you suggest resolving the tension between the two characters, keeping in mind the aspects of their personality laid out in the opening (and the fact that they're both Resolve 4 stubborn Ventrue, and not liable to change too much)? Ideally, I'd like to keep the five points of Mentor, but it's not a strict requisite. :P


Things you might need or want to know that I assume as default background:
-Montreal is a Lancea Sanctum cesspit of terror-mongering and violence that tried to murder the guy we asked to help us wake D'or as we left.
-our city is at war with Toronto. They have, basically, a Circle of the Crone SS squad led by a very powerful Mekhet, when our city has one Mekhet. They are terrifying.
-the crazy sewer witch was a very deadly CoC Nosferatu that has tried to murder us on multiple occasions and had 1 Humanity and worked for gates that may or may not lead to Hell.

Anyway, here's the link again in case anyone wants to offer up suggestions.
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