June 13th, 2006


Attackof the Crossovers, and, how to make D&D capable of handling a Western

So my boyfriend and I occasionally get to talking about RPG crossovers we'd like to see, especially in the vein of "type of story + system you would NEVER expect to see it in".

His personal favorite is a zombie game in Star Trek. Do phasers work on them? What happens when you can't access the sick bay because it's been overrun? When you can't land on a planet because it's been overrun?

But when he asked me this last time through, I suggested "a D&D Western".

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So I open it to you: what is the best way of dealing with these changes? Should we just leave the classes be, in the event that we ever run such a game? Or should we allow our players to substitute in other feats for Armor feats? What, if anything, might be done to tweak the races?

Comments of "don't play Westerns in D&D" will be ignored, since that ignores the purpose of the exercise.

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Edit: The idea is to bring the D&D world up from "Middle Ages + magic + elves et al" to "Wild West + magic + elves et al", not to strip D&D of magic. If we just wanted to do a standard Western, we'd tinker with nWoD, which would be a hell of a lot easier. Or use Serenity or something.
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On Dice

I'm interested in the popular conception of dice.

Dice-based Roleplaying games, in my opinion, really come from a long line of games- I think RPG's in general combine classical elements found in both the ancient entertainments of casting lots and soothsaying. So it's no wonder that our dice are so important to us. And I just kindof want to hear back. What do you think about your dice?

1. Do you have any dice superstitions? (When I get bored, I turn all of mine to the highest number-- it feels like good luck)

2. Do you have a favorite set of dice? (When I can find them, my blue babies have always seen me through)

3. Do you have a "whammy" or some sort of little thing you do for luck on big rolls? (When I have to take a risky or momentous roll, I like to blow on the dice, shake 'em like a gambler and say "Poppa needs a new pair of shoes")

4. What sort of dice talk do you have? (We borrow liberally from Dave Chappelle's "World series of Dice" when commenting on dice luck- "Boy, you are the God-d@*n devil" tends to get said if someone rolls two or more 20's in a row.)

5. Any stories of crazy die luck? (I once had an NPC I'd spent a year building up die due to a crazy couple of dice rolls.)