June 6th, 2006



Every once in a while - you do a scene that reminds you about why you RP .....even after all the bullshit and bad players, the scene is so great that it makes 1-2 years of pure bad shit worthwhile.

I'm...sharing a little scene I had that reminded me as to why I love rp. The players involved I had never met before - we all just started playing, and we have since connected through RP. The players won't see this....but thanks guys for renewing my passion for RP.

Setting: Old World of Darkness on http://www.wodchat.com
About: Dolore Giovanni (vamp) has been sent after Nic Giovanni (vamp), because Nic was seduced by a Tremere into giving away Giovanni flamily secrets...and had begun to teach the Tremere Necro. Nic made the shit list in a big way.....

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Looking for ladies to review our book.

Greetings True Believers,

I am currently in need of reviewers for my newly released Book of the Unliving. It is a modern day urban fantasy rpg set within the modern world using real world mythology. It was written by Steve Brown ,an alumni of the  Old World of Darkness.  I have put a call out for reviewers on RPG.NET but I thought I would put one out here for the specific type of reviewers I am looking for.

I am seeking women to review our book. I really am looking for a women's perspective on how they feel about our product lines as I am trying to bring more women into the hobby and I figure the best way to do that is to find out what women think about our current product line.

If you are female gamer and would like a free copy of our product to review please let me know here.

* Preference would be given to established reviewers, women who have written reviews before and I know can write up a farily professional review.
* The reviewer is free to post the review where ever they like but I would highly suggest the following sites:

   Gaming Report.com
   Flames Rising

There will be only two slots initially but others may open up in the future.

Please feel free to spread the word to other lists.

Pres. Visionary Entertainment Studio Inc.