June 5th, 2006


Storyteller advice

Hey all. I've just starting running a Changeling game, and I need some advice for being a Storyteller. Every time I try to run a game (or a session) I try to figure out what went wrong and how I can fix it - why is it that my ideas never really come to fruition?

I like to think that I'm pretty good at coming up with interesting locations and describing them well, setting the setting well. I think my overall metaplot is pretty well organized, and has the potential to lead into some very interesting events. I admit I'm not the greatest actor, and I don't think well on my feet; but I try to make up for this by planning as thoroughly as I can for certain events.

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I know it's not really the kind of thing you could help with, without sitting down with me IRL and planning things out with me, but I'd just like any thoughts, ideas, suggestions you all have.

Jeff's GM Blog #1: Choosing Players

I'm gearing up to run a game. I've settled on doing D&D 3.5 set in the Iron Kingdoms. Specifically I'm going to run through the Witchfire Trilogy.

My reasoning? It's been ages since I did D&D (5 years or more) and I want to see if I can make a functional game out of it. My friends and I are big into Warmachine, so playing in the Irong Kingdoms will be neat.

This post is specifically about choosing players.

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Topics for discussion in the comments (aka stuff I'd like to hear about):
- how do you choose the people you game with?
- have your gaming habits changed over time (specifically in a metagame sense; I'm less interested in things like how you prefer RIFTS now but used to like Shadowrun and more interested in tsuff like preferred group composition, game length, session frequency, etc etc)
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System Shootout 2: High Fantasy

SS1 went pretty well, so let's move onto the genre that probably more of us started with than any other: High Fantasy. From D&D to Tunnels and Trolls to GURPS Fantasy to Warhammer FRP (arguably low fantasy, but only for the first few levels, really), this is the one that lots of us cut our teeth on.

I'm really torn on which one is the "best" system here. D&D 3.5E, as mass-market as it is, is really solid in a lot of ways, and it's ultimately the system that others are going to be judged by. But then you've got crazy, intricate systems like Palladium Fantasy or Runequest that pop up, too. So what say you, roleplayers? What is the one true High Fantasy system?
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