June 1st, 2006

Attributes in D&D - options?

Hi folks,

I'm gearing up to do a D&D game (yes I'll blog about it here!) and I've decided to go with a point buy system for attributes. Random roll just doesn't work for me.

The thing is - I've got no idea what to do. I know the DMG has an option but a) it's for the most part not worth the paper it's printed on (IMO of course!) and b) I don't recall being that impressed with it when I saw it in the first place.

So what are my options? I want reasonably competent characters.

On a related question - what's a good total # of attribute bonuses to shoot for with starting characters. +6 total? +8? Bueller?

A lot of the systems I've seen scale the cost up for higher attributes (e.g. an attribute of 13 might cost 5, but an attribute at 18 costs 16). Is an 18 really that valuable? I mean yeah it's +3 and at low levels that's really nice - but once you get past the initial levels equipment bonuses + class bonuses + buff spells are going to make that extra +3 pretty insignificant...


Political Intrigue as Major Plots

I'm gearing up to run a game in a home-brew, low-magic fantasy setting. The major plots are intended to be high intrigue with a small amount of political assassination being commonly accepted as a way of life among the high noble houses...

However, this is neither here nor there. What I would like from you, my lovely readers, is to tell me your tales of successful intrigue-based plots. What has worked? What hasn't worked? How have you dealt with players who are more hack and slash types in political settings? Is there any way of dealing with them?

Inquiring minds want to know, largely for comfort. I'm not sure how successful this game will be (three of my four players say that they want to play a high intrigue game, and the fourth is willing because everyone else wants to play), and would like to hear about games that were highly political that have worked out.