May 31st, 2006


24 Hour RPG Project

Has anyone here ever tried their hand at the 24 hour RPG project?

For those unfamiliar with it, the goal is to design, write and lay out a full RPG in 24 hours, with the ultimate goal being a 24 page product (although that last part is generally ignored). I was introduced to the project through Phil Reed who released "vs Monsters" on RPGnow ages ago, his first attempt at the project. Now this is 24 continuous hours, not 24 hours divided over a few days, so you have to account for time spent sleeping, at work, and so on.

My own first attempt was a great success, mostly due to my own rage at the time over losing a job. I wrote a bloody violent and messy RPG, hit the 24 page quota (by including an intro page, cover, back cover, Open Game License, and a page of thoughts about the project once I was done, as well as TWO copies of the character sheet), and totally invigorated my interest in RPG writing with that one mad day of design. My own skills in layout help my creativity, as it allows me to develop the game within the final framework that it will be available in, and that makes it more fun and encourages me to write more.

My second try, last fall, was a total disaster. I only got the page layout designed and had hashed out the game idea in my head and got the basic introduction into the layout file when I got side tracked and ran out of time. I never released it, because I think Ill be able to turn it into a real RPG some time, evenif it won't be a 24 hour RPG in the final incarnation.

Anyways, it has been over a year since my first try and the release of AssassinX, so I'm starting to itch to give the challenge another try - probably on Friday night / Saturday morning. I haven't started thinking over concepts or systems yet, just thinking about the itch to try again.

So, have you given it a try? If so, how did it go? Either way, are you interested in trying it out this weekend?
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Izzylobo's Spring Cleaning Sale

Spring means cleaning out the old stuff - the stuff you don't want anymore, regardless of if it's junk or if it's treasure (or junky treasure).

So the shelves get sorted and the stuff gets filed, and the sale ends up looking something like this -

Izzylobo's First Annual Virtual Yard Sale

(tongue: in cheek)
Too much to list here! No Reasonable Price Refused! New Items added every once in a while! Shop now while the selection is spiffy! What I don't want, you might need!

Buy! Buy! BUY!

(Offer subject to availability. Dealer prices may vary. Check your local listings for website location near you. Post no bonds. Some shrinkage may occur during shipment - content is sold by weight, not volume. Your Mileage May Vary. Plus sales tax where appropriate. None of these disclaimers are actually important to this posting. Have a nice day. Except that one.)
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Yet Another New Member

I saw this community mentioned by creamnsugar on her journal (she told her friends to join her here, so that's what I'm doing - 'specially since I'm in her gaming group, along with bittercupojoe).

So...I'm 31 years old, and started gaming when I was 8 years old (with a strange mix if AD&D and the red box Basic D&D that my babysitter DM'ed us through). Since then, I've played and/or GM'ed Basic D&D (red box), Expert D&D (blue box), AD&D (1st and 2nd Ed), D&D (3rd and 3.5 Ed), Rifts (along with practically every other Palladium game - never played Palladium itself, but every other one I've played), Marvel Super Heroes (every incarnation of the game), DC Heroes (again, every incarnation of the game - to include Blood of Heroes), Call of Ch***lu (you didn't think I'd actually say it and awaken it, did you??), Cyberpunk 2020 and Shadowrun (didn't like either, though - didn't like the genre), Junk (which I helped playtest - REALLY fun game, if light on actual role-playing), Little Fears, Serenity, and I am currently co-GM'ing a Mutants and Masterminds game (to name a few that I can remember).

Anyway, um...hi! Off to work I go now. :)
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SD Rorschach

Another new member and a few questions.

Hi all, I'm new to these parts. I saw a link to this place at bad_rpers_suck and thought that you all may be able to help me with a few questions.

First of all, a bit of background dealing with my questions. I play an Avatar: The Last Airbender character at the lovely multiverse RP community dear_multiverse along with a few other people. The problem that we're encountering is that since Avatar is an ongoing show, we're never quite sure how to properly incorporate the canon into our interactions between the characters. For instance, I play Toph, a character that is fairly new to the show, and she met General Iroh in the nexus prior to actually meeting him for the first time in the show. What should we do? Pretend that we're in an alternate universe and that what's happening in the show isn't happening to our characters, or just sort of go along with it even though what happens in the show sometimes invalidates what has happened to our characters in the RP? And if the best course is to go pure AU, what's the best way to work with a character that has had very little development in the show before now?

I've also been considering starting an Avatar RP community that ties into the multiverse game just so us Avatar players would have a place to do plots and interact outside of the multiverse setting. The problem is that I'm not really sure when the best time to start this community would be. I've spoken to the other players and they're enthusiastic about it, but we're still few in number. There are maybe five or six of us. My fear is that there aren't enough of us to keep such a community alive, but at the same time I wonder if starting such a community would draw in more players. On the other hand, I worry that if I put off making the community for too long, I'll miss my chance and the Avatar fanbase and presence in the multiverse game will start to die off like so many other fanbases seem to do.

When would be the best time to create such a community? Is there a certain number of players that would be desirable to keep the community from dying in its infancy?

Any words of wisdom would be appreciated. And I hope my explanations weren't too convoluted.