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Friday, May 26th, 2006
10:51a - [Game a Day 15] Twilight 2000, First Edition
Ah... my love for arcane game mechanics, bizarre combat systems, micro-managing logistics, and my broken-down LAV-25

Read all about it in today's Game A Day.

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10:22p - Cruel and Unusual Punishment (TPK Edition)
I was reading the latest D&D FAQ, and one question came up that caught me off guard.

Q:  "If you cast resurrection on dragon hide armour, will you get a living dragon?"
A:  "Yes, since resurrection requires only a portion of the creature you are trying to resurrect."

This just caught me completely off guard, and made me have an evil thought.

1) Have a PC gain a nice suit of dragon hide armour during an adventure.
2) Have an Evil Cleric who opposes the party notice the nice, dragon hide armour.
3) Said Evil Cleric resurrects the armour, thus producing an Evil Dragon.
4) Evil Dragon accidentally squishes the PC party.


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