May 24th, 2006


japanese culture in gaming

Recently (because of a certain movie) there has been a renewed interest in traditional japanese culture. In a few games I play, I see a lot of players playing japanese culture...without a single frickin clue about it.

So I bought some books, read them - and now offer these book suggestions for people who want to know more about japanese culture and research it for LARP, online gaming, and general RP. Almost all these books are NONFIUCTION resources!

PLease, respect a culture and learn about it before you RP it. At the very least, it will be enlightening and educational. Anime is NOT a good resource to learn about japanese culture...or any culture for that matter.


- AMAZING BOOK. This book is very details and is a GREAT resource about geisha and their history. The book also has some nice photos inside. Geisha, courtsans, and more are covered.

- I read this book from to back in only a few days! It was a nice reader!

A book writted about one of the top Geisha of her time, who retired at the age of just 29. This is an AMAZINg nonfiction book about a stunning womans life. I am currently reading this book, and I'm half way through. The book has nice photos in it as well.

- A book FULL of amazing photos of the most stunning kimonos ever! This is perfect for fashion lovers everywhere!

- An interesting book about the Yakuza - the japanese mob. A nice book to buy for the man in your life who has an interest in japanese culture.

Step-by-step info on how to wear a kimono, and everything you ever wanted to know about them. Also has a lot of kimono history.

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Hey, all! I was poking through LJ communities, specifically Roleplaying communities, and noticed this one actually had recent posts in it (rare, it seems, for LJ coms.) I recently started up a community roleplay_haven.  My community serves a different RPG related purpose than this community, so I didn't think anyone would mind if I posted a quick note about it on here.  If anyone is interested, check out the Userinfo for Roleplay Haven.  I'd love to know what other gamers think, and if anyone wants, please go ahead and click to join.  I fear that I might be the only on interested in post-based gaming, so some feedback is always welcome. If anyone who moderates this community feels this post is intrusive or inappropriate, tell me how I can fix it, or tell me to remove it, and I certainly will.

I read the comments so far, and here is my edit.  I hope it makes up for my lacking in the previous version of the post.

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