May 18th, 2006

Exalted - Heroes of Old and so forth...

This one is for Exalted players mostly, but I am by no means exclusive on the matter.

One of the things I started doing with Exalted (back when WW was still dancing the seven veils about wether or not Exalted was prequellic to the Old World of Darkness) was periodically inserting legendary heroes and demigods into things - with my own spin on them of course.

Gilgamesh became 'Gilgamesh-Smells-the-Pretty-Blossoms', a Lunar with a rhino totem and a gentle-at-heart, child-like mind.

Hercules was a young son of a minor Dynastic family on the Blessed Isle whose parents sold him into slavery shortly after he exalted as a Dawn Caste Solar in an attempt to keep everything quiet and not fall under the eye of the Immaculate Order.

Bellerophon is Peleps Bellerophon, and rather than having flown on the back of Pegasus and so forth he is a venerable Dragon-Blood who was once the most gifted naval mind in the Realm.

I haven't done too many more - don't want to completely overshadow my players - but it got me thinking;

Do you guys use any of the old legendary heroes? If so, how do you use them? What are they in your Campaign?

Also, do you ever have any of the mythological Gods walk the face of Creation? Is there a Zeus or Thor or Hyawatha in your Campaign, who perhaps were merely Exalts or spirits but whose deeds had them remembered as much more?

What do you guys think?