May 17th, 2006


Introduction and a question

Hello everyone, I'm a new member to the comm and I just thought I'd say howdy.

Anyway, getting down to business... I have been playing in White Wolf campaigns for the past 2 years and I just recently joined a Star Wars d20 system campaign. Our group plays once a week for about 6 to 8 hours. Aside from including solo sessions, we seem to collect enough exp at the end of every night to increase by one or two levels. Recently the GM has been thinking of changing how he gives out exp since it's "getting harder to kill off our party". Is he justified in doing this or does he simply need to think up better ways of giving us challenging combat scenarios?


Okay guys, I need input. I've heard excellent things about the PHB2. As a player my DM will not allow it, but I also DM and thus am pondering picking it up to allow in my game. Is it worth it as a DM to pick it up just to allow it in my game?
Passive Voice

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The recent discussion about DnD GM tools got me thinking about something else I need that someone in the community might know how to deliver.

I'm looking for a map resource, either a generator or an archive of maps. The difference is, I need something that can provide me with contemporary floorplans, ranging from a large mansion all the way down to a small condo.

Searches have thus far yielded maps that really look better as a DnD dungeon, rather than a year 2005 dwelling. Given my choice, I'm interested in getting something that kinda looks like the strategic planning maps from Rainbow Six, or just something that doesn't look like badly drawn lineart. My brother is a carpenter, so he's been able to show me some building plans, but I'm really looking for the sort of slightly simplistic blueprint that would be appropriate for a movie planning sequence. Something to emphasize scale, and yet orient the players to the scene. I'm thinking of using this as both a strategic resource, and also to give players a visual aid to understand the layout of some popular ingame hangouts.

In short:

Modern maps
No extra construction clutter
Preferably no lineart that looks like crap
A simple, uncluttered display of the rooms; I don't need to know where the potted plants are

Any suggestions?